Sunday, September 26, 2010

RE: New

[i read somewhere about an anthology of end poems.......hopefully nowhere near that but it does enter into the conversation, dont it]

Part B

I just can’t believe

if ever the thought

you don’t know how

you have no idea


you couldn’t possibly

Not much thrown up over a life


time to look back and realize


nothing gained for lack of

trying just substitutes sweat for grit

who needs that either

Just coming to terms with all

that time wasted

here sits one pumped out

hole in the spirit

life trudging across

across me like three times twenty

or some such mathomatical


but don’t now no don’t ask

Why it matters

it matters

not just because

but just

and all solutions rendered seem

pointless at least

and dull now posted

Take all of this


if it is a moldy joke

just gather up and walk away

before I have to write


What’s more


dreams don’t matter

no more

just one after another

looking for a way out

of one more too tight


that is what is left

Saving the best

for last

aint like what

I made it




[resting in the pits at lake afton raceway as crew for River City Race Team, 1968]

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Me, Richard Lopez and Tavi Gevinson have the same hair color and cut now.  Is that cool?    I am so done.  Kaminski, Tabios are you guys in?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

RE: Cleaning off shelves

I need suggestions as to what to do with some books.  Living in Sonoma County in the 70's and 80's it was impossible to not know Paul Mariah.  He was a gem, a beaut, a wild ass motherfucker.  But I have never heard or seen of any great collections or locations of his 'papers'.  Here is the deal:  I have a few publications from his press, Manroot.  Chapbooks (his and others), issues of Manroot magazine (including the Jack Spicer issue),  and a letter or two.  Stuff printed on his Chandler letter press up in Glen Ellyn, which I helped with.  Nothing valuable money wise...but you know.   I would rather they end up in a homeless shelter library than the basement of some university library "special collections" and if YOU would like to look through them and then pass them along...that would be great.  You dont have to be doing research on 'mid-century radical gay poetics' to have me give you these few items. dont. 

Help me out.  I will box them up and send to you what I have.  Serious enquires only.

P.S.  I looked (searched) online for a pic of Paul and couldnt find one...sad eh.  Or maybe just not good  searching.  And I dont have a scanner...but I do have pics of dude

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

RE: Thot for the day

If ever I exhaust what is interior, perhaps something more 'avant'  will appear. 

Till then, I see no reason to use  machines, materials or science to enhance or better what I have to say. 

Is that ego? 

Am I lazy to not see beyond what imagines in my head? 


Tomorrow Fox News announces The End of The World.

I will write about the Fox news mollusks who announce the EOW and the worms who believe them.

I will not write a goodbye poem and I will not write a poem to try and stop the end of world. 

My choice. 

Sorry if that disappoints some.

Monday, September 13, 2010

RE: Oxkutzcub

Swimming in heavy air

you go down
you go up
or you make a offer
it is impossible to find the bottom
although it is breathtaking
opaque doesnt even begin
refracted has no meaning
the fishduck is hyusterical
distance is multiplied by breath
you are very much the minority
in spite of your outfit
there may be something
to hang on to
bad idea
bad bad bad
all the new age is helpless
if you wanna go up - begin
there is a very good reason
to worship the sun
did i say the fishduck was hysterical
i cant breathe
what a relief
distance is only imagined
what a relief
there is a language beyond me

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

:RE: Really???

What is all this I am reading across the pages...what we need is more poetry, we can end the war with more poetry, we can stop the killing with more poetry, we love our laureates, what we need is more poets fighting to end the hunger, we need to stand up and make more poetry to end uh.......whatever.

What a bunch of malarkey.  Jeeze.  Like it would make shit difference if Billy Collins ran the fucking UN or Charles Bernstein was fucking poet laureate or whatnot or  if Susan Howe went to fucking Gainsesville Florida and read a fucking poem to the cracker racist asshole burning Korans it would make a fucking difference. 

Where in the fuck to people get the idea or even concept to even conceive and then write about the fact that poetry can do something in the world besides just be poetry?  What is this bullshit.

Here is the new movement.  Stop fucking around.  Read poetry.  Write poetry.  Fuck poetry if you want.  Just don't think that because YOU do poetry that it is somehow capable of changing anything.  Get a grip!

In case you havent noticed bumper stickers have and always will encourage more response than our little slim volume of poetry will or could ever.  Just realize that one thing.

The only way to celebrate poetry is to write it.  Period.  And even if every humanoid on the planet wrote poetry it would not, repeat not, make the planet a better place.  Trust me.

End of rant.