Wednesday, December 23, 2009

RE: Reviews up online

Reviews of new Robert Baumann chap and another group of various pubications, including Sprung Formal.

Monday, December 21, 2009

RE: Me and Wils

Me and Wils couple weeks ago. Was good to be with him. Not a very good pic though. He certainly knew that he knew me and we talked a bunch. Showed me some new drawings that are almost like where he was before brain conk. Almost...which is amazing to me that he remembers how to draw checkerd demon but dont remember our last visit here in Lawrence or a lot of other past we shared. Gone for now. His partner showed be some really great drawings he did when in hospital. He is home now. 24 hour support needed. Partner has to work. Not easy to find help as you might imagine, if you know Wilson. Maybe later for all that. He still needs support, $$$$$:

S Clay Wilson Special Needs Trust:

or PO Box 14854, San Francisco, Ca. 94114

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Reading at Spencer Museum

Here is pic taken by friend Micheal Morley during reading. It was a good as always to read with Judy Roitman. I read Frida Kahlo poem while video of me dressed as her reading was played on a screen with sound off. I guess that is not exactly lip syncing, is it?

I had hoped folks would tune into this blog during reading to follow along...but elderly crowd that was much too mannered. thats okay for now.

Monday, November 16, 2009

RE: Reading List for Nov 19th

Judy Roitman and I are reading at Spencer Museum at KU Thursday, Nov 19th 6:30 pm. First half will be reading from book All That. Second half some new things and I am posting them here for people to see as I read them. I would like to look out to audience and only see bowed heads lit up from the little bat phones. More info here:

I am going to read several series in the following order: Oh So Bored, Meds, What this town needs is more monks, Swimming and Trip In Trip Out.

Oh So Bored I-VI

I - Bi Polar Juice

Assberry pie oh my what a waste of dough
And how about throwing that against a wall
Believe me it will stick to any vertical postulating
Mope east of big muddy and from hear it aint
That far matter of fact if I see one more reference to either
Of the above I will begin such a heart worming attack
That worlds will fall flat onto fucking
Second Avenue and statues of so called poets will
Collapse with great sound splatter.

Don’t count lines count hours.

Fair warning.

Knock knock knock it off.

II – Sonnets

You actually think I could go for that
Backbreaking syllables in order to find
Whatever Ted The Fed Berrigan left behind.

Ugh and ugh again who should look that up
Deserves to find it.

There you go sucker…that’s what you get for thinking in pig.

Man I could write a million of these.

III – Beat Me

You don’t know you don’t want to know
The annual nut bush brash bash of flea bite
NYC remembers nothing like old time
Ginsey and McSorley Blackburning nites in the
City of turmoil city turned off
Brotherhood of beat up clunks going nowhere
This the new beatattitude left behind
Be them other ones.

And lets hope a new downfall comes before the old one
Ends without sounding a net full of dead bodies
Made up of maddening fisheyed walleys banging thru
The neighboring right thinking bohunks in East7th St bars
So blasted none of em
Can can for a moment to soon.

IV – Corso vs anyone

She might have been the only Guest at the party
But Babs held her own and more if ya ask me even
If the last round went way to long and she was trapped
Against the fridge by Frankie ImSoHung who stumbled in
From a lunch quickie at the local beach bar.

Well who knew when the school would finally
Shut down for a long dry summer and the only
Person still functioning was in a singular slide to
Nowhere fast call him Gregory and call him
Sufficiently talented to outlast the gimped up opposition.

And all hail anything that outlasted the1960’s
Goddess forgive I ever gave a second look to that
Dismal decade dumbass dumbness.

V – Right On

You could have called him Sammy the Abe
But that wouldn’t come near respect
Deserved for a guy who ran Le Place de St. Marcs
(the street that is) in the 70’s and the
Only one never did mention
Gem Spa in the poems I found.

But oh he would say come up and get
Comfortable…forget the revolution…
Smoke this.

VI – Poetas

I never saw this in no First Ave wiseguy bar
But maybe up just a bit towards Marx Place
“Ms. Sexton let me introduce Ms. Bishop.”

Now that is over
Lets get on with the next thing
And leave these two to each other.

That is not to say its all over for them
Just a reminder
That those two
Both put out more good
Than they got.

VI – Old is the new dead

George and I were the worst poets
In NYC 1969
That said with equal blush and
No proof in either the pie or print.

Who kept that stuff anyway
Some collector of the awful
I suppose.

Hey it was the day
Don’t ya know.

Here’s the deal
You may not have noticed
But when you are young
You write crap
Maybe later you wont

That’s how it goes.

VII Talk among each other

gari and kaci and anni and nadi
were eating some kurds and whey
om and om again on em
they were just so and why not
top of the mount st. poetica
so to say and rightfully so full of malarkey
that huge amounts of fame fell
like stars over st. marx place

so now along comes some new
slowbanger with some new
conceptual po po
just to tie up the mess left by
those guys and see what can
possibly out smart some of the smartest

nothing is new everything is permissive
it goes on and on and on




Who knows what it can or
cannot do as is ‘claimed’….
Somehow it is suppose to
prevent elevated cholestrerol
levels in me..some sort of
simvastatin machine I suppose.

Could this be the end all?
Is this all I need? Am I now over?

Metroprolol Tartrate

angina angina o how I treat you…
beat back the heart beat…
beat back the pressure…
get this anvil
off my chest…
and dream a little dreamy dream.

Levothyroxine -

Well when you got the gout,
the screaming high blood pressure
and the ‘low thyroid
activity’ what is the choice…
or is it chance.
I guess ill take the levothyroxine
and hope increased levels of thyroid
activity don’t knock me off
my game at this time.

Will this shit inspire the muse
or not.


It may or may not
Kill the internal bugs
Or whatever
It may or may not
Stop the pain
It may cost $5.00 a pop
It may or may not bring comfort.


To ‘lose your mind’ and discover that
it is wrapped in a rare and welcome
relief. Pain relief really does mean
‘losing your mind’ and is a rewarding
experence. IF you are going to spend
time with medication….you could do


Clearly seperates the head from the
hip…as advertised…the loss of part
of ones body is replaced with the
softened mind of content. Rock the
cradle in the tree top. Never turn
down this offer from Mr.


It may carry weight in certain
communities…but it is no more
than just a swollen toe come
from too much red wine with
dinner and dinner and dinner.
Whatever the cause the cure
is ageless. Keep yer head
down and your foot above it.
What more is the 21st century
about. This drug comes with
a award winning recommendation.
As with all medication, you
need to be aware that it
might work and you might
want more.


What this town needs is more monks 1

Not trying to be all uppity about it
Just a notion and wonder if
You could ever get used to living
Across the street from a wat

What this town needs is more monks 2

Just the least bit of something
Passing by in a line
Them again this time with bowls
Looking for rice from the women
On the block
Nice touch to dawn

What this town needs is more monks 3

One thing for sure
There are more gongs than guns
In Laos and even though
The USA tried mighty hard to introduce
Military hardware into the culture
They failed and it is obvious why
Gongs are followed by prayers
Five, six, seven, eight times a day.

What this town needs is more monks 4

We met a woman
As we walked in a lane
We asked her what she had been
Doing at the temple?
“Putting up lights!” was her answer
And there was no reason at all to ask
Any more

What this town needs is more monks 5

The sudden realization that
the ones in white
Are nuns…
Not exactly enlightnenment
Almost but not quite the same

What this town needs is more monks 6

They appear quite suddenly
Standing next to and a step
Above you
Asking in English
Where you come from
As if you were more
Interesting and important
Than the Budda statue
We are all leaning on.

What This Town Needs Is More Monks 7

the woman was
walking her cow through
the wat…..
they both appeared to
be engaged with the monks
without getting all
about it

What This Town Needs Is More Monks 8

the teenage monk
invited us to prayers
come when the gong gongs
sit in the back
don’t say anything
we don’t mind



The skin so delicate and
splitting an object
locally nown as agua
a move toward illusion
of depth lost
connection unknown
vertical for a moment
and then covered
in silence.

If I move it moves
for a moment it was familiar
it is only by repetition
foronce the phrase
come clean has emmense meaning
this could be forgiving
refraction may not be the
correct term
but it serves.

To get verticle - jump
to get horizontal - fall
testing the water is an
oxymoronic bit of physics
you cant divine a method
or compound a reasonable outcome
the water only accepts you
you go down
you go up or
you make an offer
it is impossible to find the bottom
although it is breathtaking
opaque doesnt even begin
refracted has no meaning
the fishduck is hysterical
distance is multiplied by breath
you are very much in the minortiy
in spite of your outfit
there may be something
to hang on to
bad idea
bad bad bad
if you this this is regression
you got a long way to go
all the new age is helpless
if you wanna go up - begin
there is a very good reason
to worship the sun.

Did i say the fishduck was hysterical?

I cant breathe
what a relief
distance is only imagined
what a relief

there is a language beyond me.


Trip in Trip out

To go away is a big step and this is one of them

Carrying something just for the weight of it can bog down
Even the longest line and then jump from here to there

Climb steps to wear one down and the other out
Landing just to walk to another country and still not “here”

Where ever it is catches up and sleep wakes the “lets go see”
Desire for a slight trip to a higher place then this

So better have flown and lived than not and before any
Backwards thoughts collect take a break for lunch

De-training just to say it no matter the accent or lingo
Just to say it brings fortune to one who has taken many a step

Walking and now again looking just for a night
Along this river in this city and on this street

For all its romance still hard to deny
Scooter dreams where pink Hello Kitty rules on the road

Not quite standing still to feel both the hot
Trade in silk and pomme frites each an other delight

Why not grab the tall one and knock it back
Seems to be the thing to do in all this mid day

Or find a fan to lie in front of either way
The thing that moves around until a short time is lost

Wake up and ask anyone and they will tell you
“It’s over there” and in a slightly familiar way it will appear

There is something to going along
Along with who ever shows up even necessary perhaps

Trust is not even noticed
Here are two guys and a boat flip flops ball caps

We say take us to Pakse
Well maybe not that easy no wait

Take us to champasak
Down the river if you don’t mind

Changing one small bit of direction
More trust than before you just get in and go

Past what seems nothing except
Some green and brown horizontal almost dozing

Surrounded by bamboo and a
Huge lack of ducks then more doze

Again and again
This thing could sink do they or not

Are we there… are those crators
How old is this anyway

Everyone fishing but nobody holding fish
There is a lot of green bank

There are numbers but no signs
Who’s running this boat….Hey wake up

The concept of along a big river
And alone on a big river

These guys switch at ease
They walk around us so we doze again

You have too…it is that easy
“I just want a Mekong kat with a Mekong hat.”

What you see isn’t possible is it
Wats around the next bend

Another bend
This is an amazing act

We give them us and say
Take us away and amaze us too

They can just stop
To pick you up it never fails

Or let you off over there
Which is universal and an idea too

Take our life and put us over there
Up there too …we want to go up there

And we cannot point it is not a local thing
however there are a lot of those

We want to get somewhere without knowing
how to say that again and again

It is honorable and renewable
Going slow in the middle of a big river

Again it is wats on the bank
Green as corn or so it seems

We will wake up and we will be somewhere
Else the river is not real or this is

So many steps to find a place
To land jumping up or out or jumping over

Carrying something heavy just to
Have it with you then the boat leaves

You gotta wonder where
And just then here IS the Mekong kat

The long nite has come we go in
another direction and come to a place

Really has been around a block
It demands something in return for sure

And seems to be looked after
With a great deal of quiet

Perhaps that is why it is Mekong
Or so some say

Maybe staring becomes more than
just a way of looking across that river

Which seems to be picking up speed

Monday, September 28, 2009

RE: Stare at this

Nico Vassilakis has written something you should STARE at...

it is good to separate the alphabet from the lingo no

i cannot imagine a better thing to do then spend time with this written by NV

Saturday, September 12, 2009

RE: Will work for sheep

Sacked. Laid off. Canned. Shitcanned. Nine years I worked for this outfit and get the boot "due to budget constraints" says the new E.D.

Fuck em.

Hand me my money down................

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

RE: Hope in the future

I am posting this photo taken at a local music venue The Replay Lounge out back on the patio. The gal on the right and her partner (not shown) have 'adopted' the Replay as there own assisted living facility. So..Tom Beckett, we can age with more than a modicum of grace and style and up a cigarillo, go to your local alt-country bar, knock back a few IPA's and dance with the younguns! I think it works because I have seen with my own eyes...this 'senior' still dancing as Sue and I dragged our butts home. What is the option....staying home at Restful Acres and practicing with the kazoo band?

I am posting this photo too for Anne and Nada who were recently talking about style and fashion at Anne's blog. No caption needed.

Monday, August 3, 2009

RE: The End of Print

What does it mean?

Rae Armontrout poem in the New Yorker?

Latest issue of Poetry magazine is Flarf?

Conceptulism celebrated in re-look at 60's art movement in NYC exhibition...still boring according to reviewer in New Yorker.

No one buys or reads New Yorker for the poetry.

No one buys or reads Poetry for the poetry.

Conceptual what????

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

RE: A new trend?

Noticed an announcement for poetry reading that said something like: "Price of admission is purchase of title.... which is $12.95. Only one per household required."

Well, that may not be actual quote...but close enough. Let's see if it works. Got to give them credit for being up front trying to recoup cost of production and recognizing that we REALLY do expect friends and family to BUY OUR BOOKS. It is difficult. I know. Just went through that 'selling of books' deal. It is humiliating and frustrating.

Then again, I do think collecting on the way out may be the more honest approach. Let's give our audiences a chance to digest our spoken words before taking some of the tiny bit of disposable income they have left.

And then perhaps some day, after we pay the printer, we can say: "FREE copy of anyone who attends the reading." Cheap poems. Better life. Oh wait, it isn't the 60's. Fuck I keep forgetting.

Kids, this is satire, irony,'s a blog okay.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

RE: P(h)sychic Alert

Whoa...K.S. Mohammoad and A. Boyer, editors of Abraham Lincoln gets the 1-800-AL P(h)yschic hotline award for recent issue #4 which came out some months ago. The picture of Farrah is genius and now makes my copy of AL4 worth a pretty penny on ebay.

Good work kids and I am so glad you didnt print that trashy, slutty swimsuit picture.

Curious? Got 5 bucks?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

RE: Take my Senator, please

Okay, no more Gov.Mark Sanford running for President. So long, sucker.

But wait, Sen. Sammi Brownbeck wants to run for Gov of Kansas. No. Stop. Please. Repubfucks...take him back to Washington. Let him run for President. Make him run for President. He has never done nothing bad, ever. You know. He is a good Catholic boy. Please, please let him run for President.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

RE: House Organ

So we live on an 'unimproved' sidewalks or curbs. We do have mailboxes...just like the little ones on your screens only they dont talk much. The mail person puts up the little flag when there is mail and then drives off. Dont get much, bills mostly, New Yorker and a very, very few poetry mags. I have been expecting a Sprung mag edited by Anne Boyer at the Kansas City Art Institute. I found an empty Diet Dr Pepper can in the mail box the other day...kinda like spam I guess. In my mind someone stole the Sprung and left the can. Not a very fair trade, eh. Well better they didnt throw the can in the yard.

So yesterday there is a House Organ in the box. It is abut 5 or 6 sheets of 81/2x11 paper folded vertically zine that Kenneth Warren has been doing a long time. It usually arrives with a bent or torn corner or some other physically wound..but so what.Its great. And this new issue is mind fucking because I see two contributors names I havent seen for 40 years I bet. Richard Grossinger and Sotere Torregian. Jeez! These were couple of the really first poets I saw in the mags that came out late 1960's . Grossinger, Torregian, Barbara Moraff, Tuli Kupferberg, Ottone M. Riccio etc. etc.

What a trip.

Monday, June 22, 2009

RE: Get this shit off my chest!!!!

To the people in the streets of Tehran.

Be careful what you ask for.

To the repulican zombies in USA.

Shut the fuck up.

To anyone who thinks hording anything is gonna save your life.

You got it comming.

RE: School(s)

So now here comes Slopo and I do appreciate Dale Smith's comments on this thing. I do believe I have successfully avoided all the schools presented - slopo, langpo, vispo, lrycpo, blkmtpo, beatpo, thepoetoflightpo, oldschoolpo, newschoolpo, postavant, flarfpo, poopo etc......

I think the only two schools I found comfort in and around were/are : Russian River Poet and Occasionally Funny Poet.

And I am sure there might be purests who would question both those.

Ah...I am old and it don't matter.

Monday, June 15, 2009

RE: Got to have one

I want this guy at my next birthday party. Yes, those are firecrackers!!
(clik on photo to enlarge)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Seattle, Subtext, June 3

Nico Vassilakis, me and Crag Hill receiving pre-reading instructions from Nico.

Portland, Spare Room Reading Series, June 4

James Yeary, me and Maryrose Larkin

RE: Sebastapol visit two years ago

for more go to where family and friends can post.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

RE: David Bromige

FUCK. That hurts a lot. Sue and I in Portland now, were in Seattle last nite after reading at Subtext having drinks with crag hill, nico vassilakis and others when word came. Fitting in that David always so generious to invite myself and others for trip to a reading in SF or Oakland.

He was the best.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

RE: Seattle

Subtext Reading Series
The Subtext reading series is a collaborative effort by Seattle-area writers and readers interested in new writing. July 2008 marks the fourteenth anniversary of the Subtext reading series. Each month Subtext pairs established and emerging experimental writers from around the country with a Pacific Northwest writer and puts them in front of a Seattle audience.
Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jim McCrary & Paul Nelson (6/3/09) 7:30pm.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

RE: Portland

Looking forward to this. More info at:

Saturday, May 23, 2009

More poets should do this...lots more!!!

From the yesterdays Lawrence Journal World 100 Years Ago Today Column:


"More than 500 people watched as local poet Harry Kemp entered a lion cage at the carnival last night and read poetry to a group of lions. At one point, one of the animals let out a loud roar causing Kemp to jump abut six feet and look for the exit. Kemp said he always had wanted to find out about Daniel in the lions' den and felt fortunate to escape unharmed."

Always good for a poet reading to look for nearest exit!!

No doubt that still stands as the largest turnout ever for a poet in Lawrence.

I might suggest future conflicts between, oh flarf and quietitude could be settled by inviting some lions to judge a reading between individuals.

I suspect the winner would be the one who could read the longest without the lions noticing. I have certainly read for a long time in front of large groups of people who didnt appear to notice.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


"Amid increasingly palpable news rather than rumor of scarcities (to be hugely euphemistic abut it), abundant moments in various places persist and keep on in high or ultra high frequency, and a poem can be assay(s) of things come upon, can be a stretch of thinking."

Preface to The World and Its Streets, Places, 1977

So, in the previous post, my rambling and gather of thought in response to Jennifer Bartlett's comments. Over aware of what I know and when I knew it.

Certainly am not able or desire to "make a big deal" out of all this. And do not have energy
or education to interpret anything of Eigners.

What I know is how much I received from the work, how I was able to "read" it straight through and then again. How I 'got' 'it'...and that is simple pleasure in my head.

For me when I first found Eigner it was recognizable on a page. What I know now is that
is what I wanted all along...for me.

Someone called Kirby Olson over at Jennifers Eigner a 'low score' because he
'got facts wrong' ....who knew? And boy does it not matter. But that is one who is responsible for 'correcting' a poets facts offers much critical worth for me especially for someone like me who doesnt necessarily 'respect' facts too much anyway.

I hope he continues reading Eigner.

About the CP...someone like Jennifer will look at this and react...I dont think I can.

Here is the last...the poetry of Larry Eigner is in books and pages in my house. I read it all the time. I dont even 'hear' it any more...I just read it. Maybe it is beyond 'reading'...I understand it, I ingest it, mind fuck....ay yi yi....I dont even 'think' about it, maybe it is beyond thinking, (see above) "..a stretch of thinking."

Thanks Larry, thanks Jennifer and others (Joe here in Lawrence) who are finding Eigner..enjoy.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

RE: Knock me down

Jennifer Bartlett talking about her Larry Eigner recently here:

I can't stop thinking about unattached (unaware) (narrow minded) I was, maybe, back in the day when I saw, listened, talked with etc. Larry in Berkeley and SF. Much irony (or just time past) that for 9 years now I have worked, almost daily, with persons with CP and I dont think I ever knew what Larrys problem was!!! He was in a wheelchair and was hard to understand vocally. Since then I read and reread the dozen Eigner books on shelf and postcards/letters from him when I was doing a 'zine in 90's. Almost on a weekly basis I pick them up and read. The influence is tremendous. I love it from him.

Then Jennifer talks about the CP..I am stunned at how much now I know or maybe don't know but comfortable to it...whew.....

Maybe, but not yet, thinking a change in the reading. I doubt it though. Just a thought.

I knew he was confined and therefore only 'saw' 'wrote' what he 'saw'. I am sure of that. But that I recognized. Not that I was confined physically but certainly, for me, a relief, to narrow the focus that mentally I had to deal with. I restricted myself to make it easier for me. No wonder if that influence came true or not.

Rereading this seems really jagged and thoughtless however I am gonna post anyway. These words not enough yet.

I am going to write more.

Thanks, Jennifer.

Friday, May 8, 2009

God Damn Good Poetry

Saturday, May 9th, 7:07 pm

Judy Roitman and Jim McCrary
Topeka, Kansas
Lulu's Cafe
10th and Gage

"Who knows where all this could lead too."

Monday, April 27, 2009

RE: Tie me UP

Can't wait to see what Alex Gildzen has to say about things at UNM creative writing program. Big deal poet resigning over a fellow writers SM hobby??? Oh my. Maybe Alex is next in line...we can only hope. This could be bigger than Flarf vs. Conceptualism!!!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

RE: Count me in

Here is a quote from Ron Sillimans blog about, oh, schools I guess:

" In much that same way it is possible for writers who are inarticulate about their relationship to all that has been written could also be said to exist outside the framework of these traditions. But “writers who are inarticulate” is a category unto itself. "

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Upcoming Jim McCrary Readings and All That

Topeka, Kansas:
Top City Spring 2009Saturday, May 9 with Judith Roitman atLola's in Topeka, Kansas (10th and Gage) and begin at 7:07--seven minutes after seven.

Seattle, WA:
June 3 with Paul Nelson at
Good Shepherd Center Chapel Performance Space.
4649 Sunnyside Ave. N in Wallingford at 7:30 p.m.

Portland, OR:
June 4 with James Yeary atConcordia Coffee House2909 NE Alberta7:30

Lawrence, KS:
Nov (TBA) with Judy Roitman University of Kansas, Spencer Museum of Art

All That can be perused and purchased at:

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

RE: the two thousands

Without doubt, to me, the most engaging, thoughtful, innovative stuff in the (poetics) blogosphere just now.

Feels like (and I don't want to bring or make comparison beyond my own reaction ) Stein and Acker and by that I mean that is how I felt reading through the entries...there is a power that creates notice and distress and confusion and laughing...lot of that...all of which drew me to the above.

Okay...last nite I found a copy of Pussy King of the Pirates on my shelf....signed by K.A.and old buddy S Clay Wilson who did endpapers. Pirates...god bless em every one. Acker knew pirates by god. Arghhh...lick it pusscakes!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Eyes wide open
Laid out flat
Take out what you want
Leave anything
I admit it aint worth much
Don't go all out
Don't give up either
I aint waitin any more
You get what you want out of here

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Finding a link to The Saint creates uncontrolled and unannounced drumming that seems to
indicate a flatline has been spiked back to bounce.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Robert J. Baumann

At the local indie bookstore with others...but Robert rocked by taking the time to actually TALK about method, investigation, process, and did it by really funny and witty. That is talking about his, ah...grid poems which he read. What luck to hear someone talk, not introduce or not not introduce (mumble: "I don wanna say anthing abut this poem...that would spoilt it.") or the intro that makes you rush the door (poetic voice: "My fathr died 25 years ago this week and I was walking down Main St and saw a shadow from a parking meter...and I just walked into Latte Land, slamed in my thumb drive and wrote this sonnet and then 150 more!!!"

And he also mentioned some forthcomming from his chapbook company. That is good news.

Okay....anytime anyone wants to have a poetry talking instead of a poetry reading....let me know. I am there.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rugh Stuff arrived

Steve Till's new book Rugh Stuff arrived. (79 pages...humm....where'd ya shoot that, dude)Brilliant! Absolutely the funnest. Among other things Till's, to me, is one of very, very few writers who can create and present a conversation between characters (in this case on the golf course) and not make it seem idiotic. Go to
I've had the pleasure to know Till's a long time and have watched him endlessly doing that practice golf swing deal....all day and all matter the place or whatnot. Now I know what he was thinking while swinging around.
More later. Great stuff Steve.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gimme my Abe!

Gimme my Abe Lincoln

Gimme gimme gimme my Abe Lincoln

Where is my Abe Lincoln

Here is 5 dollars

Here is some dope

Here is some free stuff

Just gimme my Abe Lincoln

Hey you gimme my Abe Lincoln

Send it send it send it

Gimme my Abe Lincoln

Where is my Abe Lincoln

Where is my Abe Lincoln

Now I am worn down.

(repeat endlessly)
(imagine as Amy Winehouse cover)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ahh spring!

St. Pats day was a great Lawrence event. 80 degree sunny day, Spring Break, and March Madness nonsense to rev everyone up. Best of all listening to local all girl egghead bluegrass group MAW , a real treat, in much crowded beer garden out back the Replay Lounge. Lots of Kiss Me I'm a Jayhawk and Kiss Me I'm Irish shirts but the prize goes to dude wearing Kiss Me I am Wearing Green Silk Panties. Who would resisit!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Someone, maybe Sillimans blog, led me to Harriet the blogsite at Poetry Magazine. The first thing I read is some guy who really, really liked a big poetry reading by 25 people who each read for 5 minutes. I think he thought ALL poetry readings should be like this. Guy probably really liked poetry anthologies that were 3 inches thick, and hated one man art exhibits and songs that lasted more than 1.5 minutes. And he will start a twitter poem site. Perfect!

Personally, it takes me 5 minutes to figure out why I am standing at a podium and then what the fuck to read.

Maybe poets should only read say 4-5 times in a life and then read for 4-5 hours each time.

I guess that is why the www loves poetry and porno so can just find the darndest things.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Imagine that.

I dont know what got me started the other day about all this. Would FOH, if still alive, be all a twitter at age 83 writing about the America's Top Model rampage the other day. Or sitting on his couch with 83 YO BFF Ashes....mumbling about what to choose for YET ANOTHER selected poem collection.

And I thought to myself...I am really tired of hearing about these guys FOH and JA. And here I am doing that.

That's the trouble with old (living) poets. They take up too much space. All poets should die at 40. That would take care of a lot of problems about who was good and who wasn't.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Reading Perloff Re-Reading FOH

I guess if nothing else getting run over dead at a 'young' age keeps you from being belittled
in the end for all that 'not so good' poetry you wrote in later life.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Who was that?

An Actual Kansas event the other nite. A group of three reading prose and poetics ...was it the out of wedlock love daughter of the late David Foster Wallace reading with a stepson of coked out comic Robin Williams followed by the mixgenderedbrother of fellow Topekian singer Iris Dement??

Ah...I am an old guy. What do I know. I stayed awake. Gimme that

These kids...they are good, very good at what they did.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Thanks, Andrei

Jim McCrary, All That, the collected chapbooks, ManyPenny Press, Moscow, Idaho, 2008, 1111 E. Fifth St, MOscow, Idaho 83843. Jim McCrary finally gave in to a perfectly bound collection, after years of publishing his work with determination in ephemeral chapbooks that gained him, nonetheless, a respectful reading from many poets. McCrary doesn't have a good attitude, as evidenced by the following, entitled "Fuck Tolerance": "I fucking hate/ intolerant people.", or, "Fuck You": "This should need no/ explanation." It doesn't, but he wrote it down and we read it. That's something.

Andrei Codrescu, Exquisite Corpse, March 6, 09

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More trip

Black is the new black in Hong Kong
really black is the new black
there is nothing no more hip about black
it is very black in Hong Kong

people holding cups of Starbucks deep in a basement
shivering in black
hopeing it aint real black
but it is

I aint gonna go back to that place soon.

On a trip

I just wanna Mekong kat and a Mekong rat
I dont want no Mekong hat
I just wanna Mekong kat
I dont want no Mekong fhat
I just wanna go to sleep on the Mekong and I did

It is all just trippin after all

You get Mekong no

Aint no beer like a Mekong beer

There...that's the deal done and finished.

Oh Come On

It doesn't matter who they are just hope they are not 'waiting for you on the other side'.

Board of Directors