Wednesday, August 12, 2009

RE: Hope in the future

I am posting this photo taken at a local music venue The Replay Lounge out back on the patio. The gal on the right and her partner (not shown) have 'adopted' the Replay as there own assisted living facility. So..Tom Beckett, we can age with more than a modicum of grace and style and up a cigarillo, go to your local alt-country bar, knock back a few IPA's and dance with the younguns! I think it works because I have seen with my own eyes...this 'senior' still dancing as Sue and I dragged our butts home. What is the option....staying home at Restful Acres and practicing with the kazoo band?

I am posting this photo too for Anne and Nada who were recently talking about style and fashion at Anne's blog. No caption needed.

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