Monday, August 3, 2009

RE: The End of Print

What does it mean?

Rae Armontrout poem in the New Yorker?

Latest issue of Poetry magazine is Flarf?

Conceptulism celebrated in re-look at 60's art movement in NYC exhibition...still boring according to reviewer in New Yorker.

No one buys or reads New Yorker for the poetry.

No one buys or reads Poetry for the poetry.

Conceptual what????

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  1. "No one buys or reads Poetry for the poetry."

    Poetry in Poetry?


    I remember you, Jim McCrary! From Paul Mariah's poetry group. I was the pimple-faced kid whose Mom always had to come too cuz I cunt drive. I remember we had a RRWG reading together and I was so happy I was reading with someone whose poetry I liked! I suppose I wrote a lot of crap back then - yes, of course I did, I have piles of evidence - yet I still like some of it.