Wednesday, July 1, 2009

RE: A new trend?

Noticed an announcement for poetry reading that said something like: "Price of admission is purchase of title.... which is $12.95. Only one per household required."

Well, that may not be actual quote...but close enough. Let's see if it works. Got to give them credit for being up front trying to recoup cost of production and recognizing that we REALLY do expect friends and family to BUY OUR BOOKS. It is difficult. I know. Just went through that 'selling of books' deal. It is humiliating and frustrating.

Then again, I do think collecting on the way out may be the more honest approach. Let's give our audiences a chance to digest our spoken words before taking some of the tiny bit of disposable income they have left.

And then perhaps some day, after we pay the printer, we can say: "FREE copy of anyone who attends the reading." Cheap poems. Better life. Oh wait, it isn't the 60's. Fuck I keep forgetting.

Kids, this is satire, irony,'s a blog okay.

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