Thursday, June 25, 2009

RE: Take my Senator, please

Okay, no more Gov.Mark Sanford running for President. So long, sucker.

But wait, Sen. Sammi Brownbeck wants to run for Gov of Kansas. No. Stop. Please. Repubfucks...take him back to Washington. Let him run for President. Make him run for President. He has never done nothing bad, ever. You know. He is a good Catholic boy. Please, please let him run for President.

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  1. It's kind of amazing, isn't it, how many of them simply cannot live without abusing every friggin privilege voters and taxpayers give them...

    Endlessly, terminally alike, one after another, from now until the end of time, cheaters. Not just republicans, either. Today, I saw that they (Dem Congressman) Conyers' wife on bribery charges --

    Sheesh, it's so depressing. I think that Obama and some/most of his crew may be some of the only ones who are trustworthy anymore. Damn, we have to change government so that it no longer has any appeal to these idiots that spend their whole life in "Public Service" serving nobody but themselves. Surely there must be ways to reward NOTHING EXCEPT UNSELFISH DEDICATION, and "Reward," that is to say, with NOTHING THAT APPEALS TO SIN AND IMMORALITY AND GREED AND SELFISHNESS.