Monday, June 22, 2009

RE: School(s)

So now here comes Slopo and I do appreciate Dale Smith's comments on this thing. I do believe I have successfully avoided all the schools presented - slopo, langpo, vispo, lrycpo, blkmtpo, beatpo, thepoetoflightpo, oldschoolpo, newschoolpo, postavant, flarfpo, poopo etc......

I think the only two schools I found comfort in and around were/are : Russian River Poet and Occasionally Funny Poet.

And I am sure there might be purests who would question both those.

Ah...I am old and it don't matter.


  1. jim:

    i can appreciate poet/critics like smith who are trying to situate themselves within the larger fields of poetry. i am guilty of this as well. yet, labels are finally of little use to the practicing writer. the poet simply goes off his/her obsessions and sensibilities. in the end i think, if we are lucky, we shall be placed in a box by the level of our peers. what we do is who we know. i suppose that shall have to do.

    to one old man from a younger old man.



  2. Jim, thanks for taking a look at the Slow Poetry site.

    One quick thing to note: Slow Poetry isn't a school in any sense. It's an open source network that anyone can use---or not. I think of the Slow Poetry thing as a way to generate conversation in directions that are not really permitted in other contemporary "markets" of poetry. Anyhow, I'm working on putting together a Slow Poetry website that will hopefully provide a public forum for poetic conversation.

    Take care (I hope to make it back to Lawrence one of these days!)


  3. Dale...thanks for the comment. and would be great to see you in lawrence. email me.