Monday, December 21, 2009

RE: Me and Wils

Me and Wils couple weeks ago. Was good to be with him. Not a very good pic though. He certainly knew that he knew me and we talked a bunch. Showed me some new drawings that are almost like where he was before brain conk. Almost...which is amazing to me that he remembers how to draw checkerd demon but dont remember our last visit here in Lawrence or a lot of other past we shared. Gone for now. His partner showed be some really great drawings he did when in hospital. He is home now. 24 hour support needed. Partner has to work. Not easy to find help as you might imagine, if you know Wilson. Maybe later for all that. He still needs support, $$$$$:

S Clay Wilson Special Needs Trust:

or PO Box 14854, San Francisco, Ca. 94114

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