Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Imagine that.

I dont know what got me started the other day about all this. Would FOH, if still alive, be all a twitter at age 83 writing about the America's Top Model rampage the other day. Or sitting on his couch with 83 YO BFF Ashes....mumbling about what to choose for YET ANOTHER selected poem collection.

And I thought to myself...I am really tired of hearing about these guys FOH and JA. And here I am doing that.

That's the trouble with old (living) poets. They take up too much space. All poets should die at 40. That would take care of a lot of problems about who was good and who wasn't.

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  1. Yeah, but look at David's poetry of the last 5+ years -- SPADE and the other books collaborating with Richard Denner -- it's absolutely sterling through and through.

    And your own poming post-40. Geeez, you just keep getting better and better, keener and keener, more various and more deft.


    Hey, I sent RUGH to the "Learnard" address. Did I fuck up? Backchannel your present mailing address -- I've got two in my address book and don't know which is correct. :)