Monday, March 30, 2009

Robert J. Baumann

At the local indie bookstore with others...but Robert rocked by taking the time to actually TALK about method, investigation, process, and did it by really funny and witty. That is talking about his, ah...grid poems which he read. What luck to hear someone talk, not introduce or not not introduce (mumble: "I don wanna say anthing abut this poem...that would spoilt it.") or the intro that makes you rush the door (poetic voice: "My fathr died 25 years ago this week and I was walking down Main St and saw a shadow from a parking meter...and I just walked into Latte Land, slamed in my thumb drive and wrote this sonnet and then 150 more!!!"

And he also mentioned some forthcomming from his chapbook company. That is good news.

Okay....anytime anyone wants to have a poetry talking instead of a poetry reading....let me know. I am there.

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