Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Someone, maybe Sillimans blog, led me to Harriet the blogsite at Poetry Magazine. The first thing I read is some guy who really, really liked a big poetry reading by 25 people who each read for 5 minutes. I think he thought ALL poetry readings should be like this. Guy probably really liked poetry anthologies that were 3 inches thick, and hated one man art exhibits and songs that lasted more than 1.5 minutes. And he will start a twitter poem site. Perfect!

Personally, it takes me 5 minutes to figure out why I am standing at a podium and then what the fuck to read.

Maybe poets should only read say 4-5 times in a life and then read for 4-5 hours each time.

I guess that is why the www loves poetry and porno so can just find the darndest things.

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