Wednesday, May 20, 2009


"Amid increasingly palpable news rather than rumor of scarcities (to be hugely euphemistic abut it), abundant moments in various places persist and keep on in high or ultra high frequency, and a poem can be assay(s) of things come upon, can be a stretch of thinking."

Preface to The World and Its Streets, Places, 1977

So, in the previous post, my rambling and gather of thought in response to Jennifer Bartlett's comments. Over aware of what I know and when I knew it.

Certainly am not able or desire to "make a big deal" out of all this. And do not have energy
or education to interpret anything of Eigners.

What I know is how much I received from the work, how I was able to "read" it straight through and then again. How I 'got' 'it'...and that is simple pleasure in my head.

For me when I first found Eigner it was recognizable on a page. What I know now is that
is what I wanted all along...for me.

Someone called Kirby Olson over at Jennifers Eigner a 'low score' because he
'got facts wrong' ....who knew? And boy does it not matter. But that is one who is responsible for 'correcting' a poets facts offers much critical worth for me especially for someone like me who doesnt necessarily 'respect' facts too much anyway.

I hope he continues reading Eigner.

About the CP...someone like Jennifer will look at this and react...I dont think I can.

Here is the last...the poetry of Larry Eigner is in books and pages in my house. I read it all the time. I dont even 'hear' it any more...I just read it. Maybe it is beyond 'reading'...I understand it, I ingest it, mind fuck....ay yi yi....I dont even 'think' about it, maybe it is beyond thinking, (see above) "..a stretch of thinking."

Thanks Larry, thanks Jennifer and others (Joe here in Lawrence) who are finding Eigner..enjoy.

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