Saturday, May 23, 2009

More poets should do this...lots more!!!

From the yesterdays Lawrence Journal World 100 Years Ago Today Column:


"More than 500 people watched as local poet Harry Kemp entered a lion cage at the carnival last night and read poetry to a group of lions. At one point, one of the animals let out a loud roar causing Kemp to jump abut six feet and look for the exit. Kemp said he always had wanted to find out about Daniel in the lions' den and felt fortunate to escape unharmed."

Always good for a poet reading to look for nearest exit!!

No doubt that still stands as the largest turnout ever for a poet in Lawrence.

I might suggest future conflicts between, oh flarf and quietitude could be settled by inviting some lions to judge a reading between individuals.

I suspect the winner would be the one who could read the longest without the lions noticing. I have certainly read for a long time in front of large groups of people who didnt appear to notice.

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