Monday, April 27, 2009

RE: Tie me UP

Can't wait to see what Alex Gildzen has to say about things at UNM creative writing program. Big deal poet resigning over a fellow writers SM hobby??? Oh my. Maybe Alex is next in line...we can only hope. This could be bigger than Flarf vs. Conceptualism!!!!!


  1. I'm so out of the loop I hadn't heard any of this Jim. some of it is funny. some of it is sad. as for prof/student sex that no-no is a certain yes-yes everywhere. back in my days at a university the second wives of many profs were their students & those affairs startd while the prof/student relationship was going on.

    for me the real news here is that Dana Levin found a job. sadly the College of Santa Fe is closing in less than a month.

    as for me being "next in line" to being tied up I remember in my drinking days waking up in a strange bed with my hands tied to the posts. maybe I was ahead of my time.

  2. well, as al 'tony [scarface]' pacino once said, 'i never tied up no one who didn't have it coming'.

    i realize many or most universities make student/teacher liasons a big taboo, but is harjo's real issue here that the sexual nature [s/m] of the relationship a bigger taboo than the student/teacher liason?

  3. Alex...I meant next in line for head of creative writing program at UNM...but did enjoy the memory. i guess it is the ones we dont remember that are scary!

  4. o dear Jim. I completely misread that one.

    been away from the university long enuf not to even go there. & been away from being tied up long enuf to remember not remembering.

  5. Now, that's a nice line: "been away long enuf not to even go there."

    Flarecapitulatism: Make your poming out of your friends' verse.

    (Well, at least half my poetry would already be good... Ha!)