Wednesday, June 1, 2011

RE: adios

Think I am gonna end this blog.  Will let stand a couple more days.  Need to find new directions which I am sure will appear.

Gonna play the post card here and now!  Geez,  I couldda been a contender!

Monday, May 23, 2011

RE: Political Po Makes Me Sick

is a real oh is a real

you better open up and see

you  can bet  in ti fada fada
gonna stand  up over the big

fence you got

you can bet the street will swell
with that mass you cannot pre dict

you gonna as sar miss yas ar for sure when

the next round bells

net a yahoo or not it dont matter to some
some say
and isnt it  true by count
on both sides that fence you got
that  folk
cry peace now...

there is a lot of


going on just now

some here some there some where now

where you are

hear some advice from the humid

mid west and i quote

the old pub call

which is the last call

"hurry up please its time"

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

RE: Conceptual what?

I remember W S Burroughs quoting someone who said:  "Writing is, of course, 50 years behind painting."  Or was it 30 years.  Or does it matter.  Cant remember who said what.  Seems true enough though.  Recent fuss about what happened at White House Poetry Reading recently...K G read from the Wall Street Journal did he?  Humm.......not new that.  If so called conceptual poetry has everyone including renowned Stanford critics declaring the latest stuff conceptual all that...humph.  NOT.  Come on now.  NO not begrudging K G or anyone else there time in the spotlight or best sellers list...but jesus call me jaded.  Or maybe call anyone jaded who has been around long enough to know that Will Rogers read the paper in public and Lenny Bruce used to read his trial transcripts on stage too...both had audience rolling in the aisle.  And maybe I can say that like me, anyone who was charmed enough to swallow some Oswley acid in the 60's has known for some time know how funny anything and everything was...remember that time mid trip someone picked up a phone book and started reading outloud and next thing you know everyone is on the floor laughing.  Or goddess forbid someone turned on the TV...holy fuck!  Blah blah blah.  Conceptual for a good friend was, while peaking on sunshine  finding a plastic dog toy shaped and colored exactly like a pork chop.  Whew....that was conceptual.  Oh well.  That was then and now is now.  If bad is good than flarf is old. Ditto concept.  Ditto someone trying to make poetry out of there own genes.  P.S.  Someone else is trying to clone W S B from a turd a Lawrence plumber swiped from his overflowing crapper one day many years ago.  The'artist' even got a grant from some outfit in Kansas City.  Good for him.  Stay tuned and keep reading The Weekly World News for updates.

Again...I enjoy a good joke as well as next guy...and if you can keep it  so.  Why not.  I am certainly not in a race with anyone. For better or worse trying to keep up just wears me out.   Just sayin.

Monday, May 9, 2011

RE: ciel ing or creep of light newsletters from portland, or

Thanks to james yeary down in portland for making and sending out newsletters picd below.  To me always a charge to open mailbox and find torn, crinkled, abused paper collection of poetics.  A long and wonderful tradition carried thru recent years by like of ken warren at house organ, andre codrescu and laura rothenthal at exquisite corpse, chris riener at witz, st. marks poetry project...even yugan printed by amira baraka and diane di prima back in '60s.  yeary keeps it going...and that indeed something to chant about hanging from a street light with a cold pbr in hand.  indeed.  more to say about this new pub in next issue of  galatea resurrects from ms. tabios house of poetree.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

RE: "Haute memoire"

In the last few weeks I heard Joe Harrington, Rachael Blau DuPlessis and C D Wright (good poets all )reading what they referred to as some kind of 'memorie' stuff using archival materials including photos, newspapers etc.  Like an updated Paterson...sorta.   So what the hell....I'm in.

                                                            CRACKER AND SON

following a spot of cat fishing and remember happy days along the rivers of western Illinois......all white is a nice touch and bloodstains added for just the right tension....truth be told he was a violent raciest fuck.  of course my expression may well be 'dont fuck with him or he will beat you down'...truth be told.

r.a. mccrary b.2/5/1901 raville, la
j.o. mccrary b.9/10/1941 geneva, il

Friday, April 29, 2011

RE: Mazel tov

Will  and  Cat

Rockin  the big house tonite