Thursday, January 7, 2010

RE: Thinking about these ladies today

Sue and I were in Laos a year ago and this photo taken late January at Wat Phu southern part of country That's me on far right looking like a ghost. A 5th century ruins of temples on high hill overlooking Mekong Valley. It was a long walk up and it was hot. These and other women were selling flowers, incense and other 'gifts' to honor what was still going on at this place. It was an amazing spot to sit a spell and these ladies showed no offence from my joining them for a bit of a rest. Fat old white guy who was not chewing beetle like any aware person would be and they were. I guess just a moment ago reading some of the poetry blogs I click thru every day...reading the doomer/gloomer stuff from a couple folks.....all that....(bury your gold friends) seems so, well, off the track I guess. Maybe since I am turning 69 this year, I can somehow relate to these women (not really, I know that)
only, and I mean that, only that we have all lived a long time and know damn well what lies ahead and that future cannot be made worse by minute fluxuations in financials. We are going to move along to something/somewhere else. Period., here today in the what, 15th day the temp hasnt gone above freezing ...I recall and I stare at this photo and recall being on top of some world so unknown to me that all I could do was not think about it and just look down over the old stone, the valley, the river below...I could do what these ladies were doing...but for sure not keep up with them.
Well that is what travel is...not being here. No more.

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