Thursday, February 11, 2010

RE: Ken Irby Reading at KU

The Intent On. And Ken standing at a podium before a large window with grey snow spitting Kansas afternoon heading to dusk read. Not all the 672 pages from this collection of his work...but most of an hour. From poem written in 1962 and until a poem writ in 2006, if memory serves. It wasa pleasure, a reminder of Ken's talent, wit, thoughtfulness and the awareness of a man who I am pleased to know, if at slight distance. Ken remembers and writes it down. Oh...there are a lot of folks gonna write a lot more about this book...fine by me. The other day I heard it read by Ken for most of an hour. There is something in that. For sure. A winter gift.

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  1. Was privileged to hear him read recently at The Raven, too... I'm saving up for the book!