Monday, March 1, 2010

RE: Read what?

Someone told me to read Fredereck Seidel. I looked at Poetry Foundation site. Fuck that. Sorry. No time. Still reading S. Clay Wilson, Spain Rodriquez, Joyce Former and Lyn Chevely. Real vispo, real funny poetry with good pictures. Call me old school. It is gross or it is crap. Know the difference and ye shall be entertained no end. Read a bad poet who says pussy a lot and well you just read a bad poet who says pussy a lot. I am old enough to remember first hearing Lenore Kandel which is why a bit later when someone shoved Frank O'Hare at me I got over it before too long. Sorry Frankie. I reread Kandel when she died last October....pretty good poems for sure.

This is the kinda stuff you think about when you find yourself 68 years old. You should be so lucky.