Thursday, July 15, 2010

RE: In the Mail Today

New issue of House Organ, published by Kenneth Warren, POB466, Youngstown, NY 14174 and ONLY available in print. Send him some $$.

Nice to share pages with Edward Mycue, Diane Di Prima and Richard Grossinger.....the 'invisible generation" Chas Plymell calls us.

I admire Warren for his continued putting out HO and his continued writing about Charles Olson and publishing Susan Maurer, Stephen Ellis and others.

from The Daily Dose (010110)


To 'lose your mind' and discover that
it is wrapped in a rare and welcome
relief. Pain relief really does mean
'losing your mind' and is a rewarding

If you are going to spend
time with could do


No you cant have any. They are mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I live in Kansas. You understand, no??

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