Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Dr. Albert Hoffman and an unknown woman who is given LSD. A 'normal housewife". This the most beautful vid. At 5:24 he asks her to describe and she says: "I wish I could talk in technicolor." a chill went up my spine. I swear my hair stood up. Is this not what the 60's were, finally. Someone said to you "Wanna take a trip?" Unknown, maybe. Complete trust as a fellow. And off you went for better or worse. That was then. We were charmed for sure. I can look back and say that I did one thing that was enormous, that was beyond, that was MY life...She says at 3:48: "Can you see it?" Indeed. Did you see it? Looking back now, coming up on 70 years old, coming up to the end of my life....I can say...yes there was one thing.........and we did it......again and over again......we did it. "Can you see it?" Indeed. I am so proud to say yes...I took LSD....over and over again....purple powder and almonds and sugar cubes and panes or once in cranberry sause at a thanksgiving potluck farmhouse rural kansas cold november day turned into desert camp with living rugs of breathing designs and ravi shanker coming down the hall and around the corner music infused with throat tightening breath of hash scent as someone sat down next to you and said: "Are you okay?"

Maybe I am ready to go...then again it is a quiet winter afternoon. Memories abound.


  1. What strikes me is how "demure" and submissive she behaves before she takes the acid, and how much more alive and assertive she seems afterwards.