Sunday, August 8, 2010

RE: Blog is dead?

So the blog is dead.  So I find reading some of the coastal mussing recently while puttering through
a blog roll.  My my.  And I was just...well that is always been the case.  Once in high school, for a few days, I had the coolest car in the lot....faded lime green '51 ford 2 door with extreme rake so bad it hit the ground in the front.  Ahh.  Well them were the days.  Now, not so cool.  Just another "elder", "senior", "silverback" whatever and fuck you too.  The only difference between me and you is years...sweetie....I got to meet and spend time with Paul Blackburn in McSorleys Tavern on East 7th St one long long smokey afternoon and many pints of ale.  You get the twitter and a smart phone.  Big deal, eh. 

So l guess a lot of folks will just close there comment boxes and then close there blogs.  Oh well everything else gets shorter every day.  I guess I should post a really cool picture up here everyday now so Silliman can just 'grab' it when he needs it....or maybe not.  Maybe I dont get a photo being dead on his sight....oh well.  Fuck that too.

Life is good now.  Tomatoes and fresh sweet corn.  Kittys are healthy.  Sue and I healthy.  What the fuck, eh.

Blogging isnt cool anymore.  Jeez.


  1. that's what I'm figuring, too, Jimbo.


    Hey. Who is the calligraphy buff, above? His English isn't so good...


  2. Hi Jim,

    Contact me - - could not find an email address for you.