Thursday, August 26, 2010

RE: This too

Tuito, Jalisco, Mexico -for Ed Dorn

The only difference between
Tuito, Jalisco, Mexico and
Oskaloosa, Jefferson County, Kansas is
oddly enough....the temperature.

Cowboying is global.  Pickup trucks local.

Sand Fleas...Boca de Tomatlan

Macho aside
today I enjoy the scars

I've got the kind of legs that 'show' defects.

Hola Narcolitas

Amazing how things change when
a black van pulls up and parks in front.

More amazing the items added to the menu as
the five enter

Less amazing but certainly more welcome
is the 'one of those' head moves the guitar
player gives Sue and I.  You know the one.....
"Adios, mi amigos..."

Damn and we wanted to hear Los Golendreas......

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