Thursday, October 21, 2010

RE: Lovejoy by Phoebe Wayne

Just received new publication from c_L books, Portland.  Lovejoy by Phoebe
Wayne is tremedious work.  A somewhat difficult task to take up a person or anothers persons work and 'write about it'.  Well Ms. Wayne has and well she has done it.  Mazal Tov to her and James Yeary who made the book.

Here is Phoebe Wayne's blogsite and she talks abut the book:

Here is James Yeary's website.

Here are some lines from the book:

"The Lovejoy Columns are distant lost damaged personal
   and historical/social, Commercial from transit beginnings
          to development to art-commerce moment of all our
        bunched ideals frenzying over each face of glass and
 framed ditch.  Framed by park, salvaged industrial beams
                                             etc.  Framed by Real Estate."

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  1. Phoebe is great--I'm glad you got to read her work! We went to grad school together. Perhaps, you will let me borrow the chap sometime soon?