Thursday, October 7, 2010

RE: Ted Hughes WAS the worst poet of 20th Century

Lawrence Journal World, October 7, 2010 (AP London)

Proof found after all these years that Ted Hughes WAS THE WORST POET writing in the English language in 20th century.  Britian is all up after new poem is found 'detailing the day his wife Sylvia Plath committed suiside".    And it seems perhaps that this  may have contributed  ...his fucking poems were so terrible she had no escape.  Isnt that obvious now?  I dont even mean to belittle Ms. Plath here....what I am getting at is that perhaps she realized and that might have been part of her depression...what a great fake her husband was.  Here are some lines quoated from the newspaper this morning that were  on the Brit Tee Vee " in a dry quivering voice by actor Jonathan Pryce...". 

"...I lit my fire.  I had got out my papers. 
And I started to write when the telphone
jerked awake, in a jabbbering alarm,
remembering everything.

     It recovered in my hand,  a voice
like a selected weapon
or a measured injection coolly delivered
its four words deep into my ear.

     "Your wife is dead."

Another reason why a whole lot of folks believe that poetry just doesnt matter and should remain locked in the closet of academia where it belongs.  Ugh.

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  1. There are plenty of reasons not to like Ted Hughes' poetry. But dude, this is a poem he elected not to publish. Maybe that's because he didn't like it either.