Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bad Man Bad Bad Bad

I know that looking into the past is not much popular and in some rooms made fun of....but look what can be found in our archives and what it does for us today.  Ms. Sexton was a giant....we should all have her grace and diction.  It is good to be be be fucked up.  I belong to a tribe called Hornet.  How ironc to be born a man and live in todays world and stand out and be struck down when called for.  You dont think I am talking about me do you.


A red-hot needle

hangs out of him, he steers by it

as if it were a rudder, he

would get in the house any way he could

and then he would bounce from window

to ceiling, buzzing and looking for you.

Do not sleep for he is there wrapped in the curtain.

Do not sleep for he is there under the shelf.

Do not sleep for he wants to sew up your skin,

he want to leap into your body like a hammer

with a nail, do not sleep he wants to get into

your nose and make a transplant, he wants do not

sleep he wants to bury your fur and make

a nest of knives, he wants to slide under your

fingernail and push in a splinter, do not sleep

he wants to climb out of the toilet when you sit on it

and make a home in the embarrassed hair do not sleep

he wants you to walk into him as into a dark fire.

Anne Sexton

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