Thursday, November 11, 2010

RE: Today

I miss my dead friends Paul Mariah and Ed Dorn today.  This morning.  Why is that today.  I wonder if
all since elections I am suffering from the culture of Amerika.  It makes me sick.  ALL of it.  Why these
two men (men) and now.  Perhaps something that they both held high and true....they both I think saw
the world which surrounded them with an awful clarity that few of us, very very few, can recognize and
put down in print.  THAT lifted them both into an extrodinary universe and they remain.  Remembering
now what they wrote and how.....each reacted to the same world surrounding them.....fucked up and evil
to the bone it was....they both recognized and yet they described for us to see a response.  Paul would (did) offer (me) you (anyone) an umbrella or a hum job...your choice....depending on the weather and he did it honestly.  Ed would (did)  offer  (me) you (anyone) a line of coke or a baseball bat...with equal human respnse to your wellbeing.  Believe me.  You can now take this and it is my treat.  Today. 


  1. Jim,

    Didn't personally know either Dorn or Mariah but value both. Heard Dorn read a number of times here in Kent in the early 70s when he was in residence at the U. Once rode with him in the KSU Library elevator and thought I could say something to say something to him to let him know I recognized him but thought better and just admired his strong profile.

    But what I really want to say is I understand your wanting to record that you miss these guys. I have that feeling about particular figures of importance to me all the time--particularly Fielding Dawson. It still really bothers me that's he's gone.