Tuesday, December 28, 2010

RE: Political Poetry

Excerpt from Wonkette.com today....Ms. Benincasa is the best!

"The new Medicare rule pays for voluntary annual consultations on end-of-life care along with the usual physical exam. It pays your doctor for the three minutes he spends answering the question, “So, Doc, what the fuck are my options if some crazy shit happens to me?” That’s it. That’s all. That’s the only fucking thing it does.

If there is such a thing as an unforgivable sin, surely it is the act of preventing a tormented being in the end stages of natural life from the merciful conclusion he or she expressly requested when of sound mind. Through willful ignorance, political calculation, or sheer stupidity, Sarah Palin and her idiot ideological cohorts want to eliminate the last bit of dignity many of us are allowed. And for that, if for nothing else, she is a fucking monster."

Sara Benincasa is the executive web director of Team Sarah/SarahPAC

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  1. Psychiatrist comes out of her office into the reception room and her receptionist says, "There's a guy here in the Waiting Room who doesn't have an appointment and it's already 4:30 p.m. Says he's invisible. Is really desperate. What should I tell him?"

    The psychiatrist looks at her watch. She's very compassionate, but she's already seen several clients and she's very tired. She thinks for a minute, then answers her receptionist, "Tell him I can't see him today, maybe next week, though."