Wednesday, December 15, 2010

RE: Read this again and again and again..............

RE:Post Cards to the Stars

As soon as I find the right image I will send these out:

Dear Rachel d l p,

I think we might agree in ways that are beyond my
comprehension. You know what I mean don’t you.


Dear C A,

You just go ahead big guy. And don’t ever believe
everything you read. Not even for a minute.


Dear Shannon,

I for one truly believe that you can do
successfully and pleasantly everything there is to do on
this planet by yourself. Period. You taught that.


Dear D A,

Be very careful and take just a hint of advice
from an old person. Your head certainly can explode.
Believe me not them.


Dear Tom of Kent,

You CANNOT answer a question with a question.
You need to go to couplet counseling man. No pun.


Dear Heart Broke in Brooklyn,

In deep shit is not always a bad thing you know. That.
Follow your best thoughts and think like a kitten.
Too survive is priceless.


Dear AB in OP,

When I read your latest I feel old, scared and vulnerable.
Not in that order and not a bad thing. Always. Well.
No. No really.


Dear Everyone at St. Marks Poetry Project,

Quit sending me your magazine. It doesn’t make sense anymore.


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