Wednesday, March 30, 2011

RE: I am not that, so don't 'kill' me please.

All this discussion...pointing to bad people  who have fucked things up for others...coming round.    

What is new becomes old, you do not need to extingish anything.  LangPo...Flarf...Concept...VisPo....why are some many so angry at the 'old' and so abuzz to 'create' something, anything new?  Bewitched I say.
In a good way perhaps.  Just do it, someone once said.  Just go ahead.  You will be a) ignored; b) more ignored;  c) spit on ; d)embraced, hugged, honored, beprized, hired, tenured and hung out.  If that what you is about should you. 

Such energy these kids.

Here is an old saying:  "Go fuck yourself."   If you think that through it may not be a bad idea, eh?  It may come to that you know. It may be an option to oh I dont know...opening day at the ball park?
Stay outta the rain.  Anyone who goes to opening day tomorrow is nutz.  Watching anything outside in the rain this spring be it baseball, kick ball or bocce that wont happen will it.  Forget I said that.


  1. I think that is an excellent idea, Jimbo! I cannot tell you how many "New" idiots I would like to share this idea with.

    "Go Fuck yourself!" To all the young boys... Fuckheads...

    Poor fugs... :)


  2. Hey, 4 Po Dooms to Ken Warren. 3-4 to Josephine Clare, Patricia Schwartz, Lori Nolasco, John Roche, and a few others. 5-10 going out to others in mail soon, also. They're getting around.

    YOU send some to Richard, though, I mean, you know, "signed" for him, of course. I can send him additional copies, of course, to circulate and all.

    More later, Steve :)