Monday, March 21, 2011

RE Just shoot me!!!

This is  what some white guy (and assorted others) do every year to  try and  make poetry 'available'
and popular in the community in hopes it will create, oh I dont know, job security for him (them).  This guy, here today, decided G. Hopkins, D H Lawrence and W Blake are cool poems to celebrate spring. Come on dude, how about a little something from someone in Brooklyn dreaming about stuffing her exhusband into a blender, or a someone in Frisco wanting to conk a monk on the head with a statue of his holiness.  White guy...there are real folks, living breathing, struggling, weeping, going nuts and being really happy every day during these fucked up times writing poetry that is know...ah  life like..yeah thats it.  You know that dont you?

Godess help us...April is  a comin and toad fuck us all for National Poetry Month to follow.

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