Thursday, March 31, 2011

RE: en la noche

RE: Can we become more ignorant?

Overheard at store yesterday.  They were referring to  in person advance voting now taking place in our town.  .  One senior to another:  "Did you vote?"  Yes  "Did you have to show ID*?"  No, they knew I was an American.

*  New law in Kansas from new Sec. of State, ID required (especially if olive skinned or being chased down by heliocopter ).

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

RE: I am not that, so don't 'kill' me please.

All this discussion...pointing to bad people  who have fucked things up for others...coming round.    

What is new becomes old, you do not need to extingish anything.  LangPo...Flarf...Concept...VisPo....why are some many so angry at the 'old' and so abuzz to 'create' something, anything new?  Bewitched I say.
In a good way perhaps.  Just do it, someone once said.  Just go ahead.  You will be a) ignored; b) more ignored;  c) spit on ; d)embraced, hugged, honored, beprized, hired, tenured and hung out.  If that what you is about should you. 

Such energy these kids.

Here is an old saying:  "Go fuck yourself."   If you think that through it may not be a bad idea, eh?  It may come to that you know. It may be an option to oh I dont know...opening day at the ball park?
Stay outta the rain.  Anyone who goes to opening day tomorrow is nutz.  Watching anything outside in the rain this spring be it baseball, kick ball or bocce that wont happen will it.  Forget I said that.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

RE: Latest Sports Results


US:           23
LIBYA:      0

GAZA:       2

Take a moment and fill out your bracket.

ISREAL vs US, GAZA, LIBYA, IRAN and RUSSIAN plus Pat Robertson.


Owsley has died.  He moved a generation.  Mine. 

Some of us write poems  (sigh)....some of us make LSD (ai yi yi).  

Praise him again and again.

Monday, March 21, 2011

RE Just shoot me!!!

This is  what some white guy (and assorted others) do every year to  try and  make poetry 'available'
and popular in the community in hopes it will create, oh I dont know, job security for him (them).  This guy, here today, decided G. Hopkins, D H Lawrence and W Blake are cool poems to celebrate spring. Come on dude, how about a little something from someone in Brooklyn dreaming about stuffing her exhusband into a blender, or a someone in Frisco wanting to conk a monk on the head with a statue of his holiness.  White guy...there are real folks, living breathing, struggling, weeping, going nuts and being really happy every day during these fucked up times writing poetry that is know...ah  life like..yeah thats it.  You know that dont you?

Godess help us...April is  a comin and toad fuck us all for National Poetry Month to follow.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Friday, March 4, 2011

RE: Coming soon

Will read from this new publication March 31, Raven Bookstore, Lawrence, Ks.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

RE: Perfect quote!

Hillary Clinton Calls Al Jazeera 'Real News,' Criticizes U.S. Media 

First Posted: 03/ 3/11 12:57 PM Updated: 03/ 3/11 01:11 PM

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Wednesday that Al Jazeera is gaining more prominence in the U.S. because it offers "real news"--something she said American media were falling far short of doing.

Clinton was speaking before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and she said the U.S. is losing the "information war" in the world. One of the reasons she cited for this was the quality of channels like Al Jazeera.

"Viewership of Al Jazeera is going up in the United States because it's real news," she said. "You may not agree with it, but you feel like you're getting real news around the clock instead of a million commercials and, you know, arguments between talking heads and the kind of stuff that we do on our news which, you know, is not particularly informative to us, let alone foreigners."