Wednesday, April 14, 2010

RE: Buying a shirt.

We were in Yucatan state not long ago and stopped at a store front shirt factory in a small town near Izamal. I bought a really cool guayabera in a shrimp color. The young woman standing next to me picked it out for this rather large gringo person. I don't speak Maya and she didn't speak much Spanish...didn't matter. Something made me ask Sue to take a picture of us. Now looking at the picture I see how very beautiful her expression is and that it seems to say she knows a lot about a lot of stuff...besides making shirts. I think she is the face of the future of our planet...and her look gives me compassion and comfort that everything might just be alright. Her sister (?) in green and her mom (?)seem amused too. Well ...we were all having a good time.
I think this is a picture I will return is a comfort. For me.

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