Monday, April 5, 2010

You Tube Vids I'd Like to See

Phila, Pa.

Officer Nedlicks dash cam was running clear during a recent late night traffic stop. Nedlick stopped the car for suspision of DUI. When he approached vehicle, the driver ID'd himself as Ron Silliman, poet and blogger and mumbled something about "celebrating 2 million visitors". Nedlick asked him to move to rear of car and take a field sobriety test. The fireworks began when Nedlick ask suspect to "...recite the alphabet backwards" As officer Nedlick later recalled: " All of a sudden this guy starts shouting out words in some language I never knew was like he had been waiting all his life for me to test him!!! I didn't know whether to taser him or let him go or call for backup help from someone with an advanced degree!"

All the above was confirmed by rookie officer Dizzy Vendler who arrived on scene shortly after
suspect Silliman reached the letter N shouting "Non" over and over again.

No citation was issued. Suspect was released and promised to send the officers his blog address as a thank you.

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