Tuesday, April 20, 2010

RE: House Party Quintana Roo

On the recent solstice day 30,000 people went to Chichen Itza thinking that if THEY showed up the clouds would disappear and the 'snake' shadow would trip down the pyramid. NOT. Ha ha. We were doing some beach time and were on the way to the corner store we got invited to a wedding anniversary party. The band was messing with some serious beats. Too bad but they didn't have Cd's for sale but what a great sax player. Didn't seem like anyone was concerned about the world coming to an end. The ladies were more interested in getting me to join them dancing. One guy kept telling me something about a harp but it took me a really long time to figure it out. Something in Alaska. Later at the internet cafe I found out what he meant...HAARP in Alaska (google this shit!!!) . Holy Crap. That is some insane stuff. And he was right...a lot more real and scary than some fucked up white interpretation of a Maya Codex.

But that afternoon was spent celebrating a happy marriage. There were lots of the little 8 oz bottles of chilled Sol waiting. Party on. Sorry the vid is so short, no battery, but you get a taste.

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