Monday, April 19, 2010

RE:Part II Barbara Guest and Gregory Corso

So here is the first half of An Emphasis Falls on Reality. Under it is a link to an article at How2 by Elizebeth Robinson who does a great job talking about Ms. Guest. Much better than I could.

What I can say is that with these two posts, naming Corso and Guest, I am not saying either is the greatest or best or number 1 etc etc, just that, too me, the are representative of a period my life has traveled through. They represent the New York poets....whatever that means. Okay, maybe what that means is that they are two I will return too. And I don't need to argue for any others. Nuff said.

Barbara Guesstfrom Fair Realism (1989)


Cloud fields change into furniture

furniture metamorphizes into fields

an emphasis falls on reality.

"It snowed toward morning," a barcarole

the words stretched severely

silhouettes they arrived in trenchant cut

the face of lilies...

I was envious of fair realism.

I desired sunrise to revise itself

as apparition, majestic in evocativeness,

two fountains traced nearby on a lawn....

you recall treatments

of 'being' and 'nothingness'

illuminations ap

tto appear from variable directions -

they are orderly as motors

floating on the waterway,

so silence is pictorial

when silence is real.

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