Wednesday, April 7, 2010

RE: Reaction to M ENTAL TEKST

They just keep pouring in:

Richard Lopez on his blog from Sacramento, CA:

... also jim mccrary's got a new chap out. this is serious don't miss shit, m ental tekst. i've read it three times now and i'll also want to write a bit about it in the very close future. mccrary fucking rocks, no doubt about it and this is high-quality meta-critical post-lyric writing. go to his blog, you can find it at the bottom of my links, and leave comments asking for copies. now.

James Yeary on his blog from Portland says:

M ENTAL TEKST by Jim McCrary
Hmmm. Poetry of Critique. & closes the integral: speech=music. But in a Dee Dee Ramone kind of fashion. Great Surrealist opener...

Eileen Tabios on hir blog from NorCal says:

M ENTAL TEKST, poems by Jim McCrary
(witty and rollickin'!!)

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