Monday, April 26, 2010

RE: Today what I wrote

I am old…I remember shit

This is a conception.
This is a confession.
This is a emotional memory.
Do not read this.
There were no Jews in 20 miles I was born.
Or blacks.
Who knew no Jews. Or why.
After the fact. There were no signs.
Then or now ( check I don’t care)
And nothing out of the very very ordinary was known for sure.
No one went anywhere. Without an invitation.
There is nothing to go back for.
Nothing found writing this.
You can look it up.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

RE: House Party Quintana Roo

On the recent solstice day 30,000 people went to Chichen Itza thinking that if THEY showed up the clouds would disappear and the 'snake' shadow would trip down the pyramid. NOT. Ha ha. We were doing some beach time and were on the way to the corner store we got invited to a wedding anniversary party. The band was messing with some serious beats. Too bad but they didn't have Cd's for sale but what a great sax player. Didn't seem like anyone was concerned about the world coming to an end. The ladies were more interested in getting me to join them dancing. One guy kept telling me something about a harp but it took me a really long time to figure it out. Something in Alaska. Later at the internet cafe I found out what he meant...HAARP in Alaska (google this shit!!!) . Holy Crap. That is some insane stuff. And he was right...a lot more real and scary than some fucked up white interpretation of a Maya Codex.

But that afternoon was spent celebrating a happy marriage. There were lots of the little 8 oz bottles of chilled Sol waiting. Party on. Sorry the vid is so short, no battery, but you get a taste.

Monday, April 19, 2010

RE:Part II Barbara Guest and Gregory Corso

So here is the first half of An Emphasis Falls on Reality. Under it is a link to an article at How2 by Elizebeth Robinson who does a great job talking about Ms. Guest. Much better than I could.

What I can say is that with these two posts, naming Corso and Guest, I am not saying either is the greatest or best or number 1 etc etc, just that, too me, the are representative of a period my life has traveled through. They represent the New York poets....whatever that means. Okay, maybe what that means is that they are two I will return too. And I don't need to argue for any others. Nuff said.

Barbara Guesstfrom Fair Realism (1989)


Cloud fields change into furniture

furniture metamorphizes into fields

an emphasis falls on reality.

"It snowed toward morning," a barcarole

the words stretched severely

silhouettes they arrived in trenchant cut

the face of lilies...

I was envious of fair realism.

I desired sunrise to revise itself

as apparition, majestic in evocativeness,

two fountains traced nearby on a lawn....

you recall treatments

of 'being' and 'nothingness'

illuminations ap

tto appear from variable directions -

they are orderly as motors

floating on the waterway,

so silence is pictorial

when silence is real.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

RE: Buying a shirt.

We were in Yucatan state not long ago and stopped at a store front shirt factory in a small town near Izamal. I bought a really cool guayabera in a shrimp color. The young woman standing next to me picked it out for this rather large gringo person. I don't speak Maya and she didn't speak much Spanish...didn't matter. Something made me ask Sue to take a picture of us. Now looking at the picture I see how very beautiful her expression is and that it seems to say she knows a lot about a lot of stuff...besides making shirts. I think she is the face of the future of our planet...and her look gives me compassion and comfort that everything might just be alright. Her sister (?) in green and her mom (?)seem amused too. Well ...we were all having a good time.
I think this is a picture I will return is a comfort. For me.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

RE: Reaction to M ENTAL TEKST

They just keep pouring in:

Richard Lopez on his blog from Sacramento, CA:

... also jim mccrary's got a new chap out. this is serious don't miss shit, m ental tekst. i've read it three times now and i'll also want to write a bit about it in the very close future. mccrary fucking rocks, no doubt about it and this is high-quality meta-critical post-lyric writing. go to his blog, you can find it at the bottom of my links, and leave comments asking for copies. now.

James Yeary on his blog from Portland says:

M ENTAL TEKST by Jim McCrary
Hmmm. Poetry of Critique. & closes the integral: speech=music. But in a Dee Dee Ramone kind of fashion. Great Surrealist opener...

Eileen Tabios on hir blog from NorCal says:

M ENTAL TEKST, poems by Jim McCrary
(witty and rollickin'!!)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

RE: Pop quiz

Today Ron Sillimans blog content has two (2) links to this blog. Can you find them?

Bored in Kansas

Monday, April 5, 2010

You Tube Vids I'd Like to See

Phila, Pa.

Officer Nedlicks dash cam was running clear during a recent late night traffic stop. Nedlick stopped the car for suspision of DUI. When he approached vehicle, the driver ID'd himself as Ron Silliman, poet and blogger and mumbled something about "celebrating 2 million visitors". Nedlick asked him to move to rear of car and take a field sobriety test. The fireworks began when Nedlick ask suspect to "...recite the alphabet backwards" As officer Nedlick later recalled: " All of a sudden this guy starts shouting out words in some language I never knew was like he had been waiting all his life for me to test him!!! I didn't know whether to taser him or let him go or call for backup help from someone with an advanced degree!"

All the above was confirmed by rookie officer Dizzy Vendler who arrived on scene shortly after
suspect Silliman reached the letter N shouting "Non" over and over again.

No citation was issued. Suspect was released and promised to send the officers his blog address as a thank you.